The End of Abortion Will Come Through Prayer!

Scripture tells us that nothing is impossible when God is involved! (Luke 1:37).


God, our Almighty Father,
you who have given us life
and intended us to have it forever,
grant us Your blessings.
Give us the strength to defend human life
against every influence
or action that threatens or weakens it.

Give us the grace
When the sacredness of life
before birth is attacked,
to stand up and proclaim
that no one ever has the authority
to destroy an unborn child.

For all children who have died from abortion,
may You cradle them in Your loving arms
and grant them eternal peace with You;
For every child who lives in the womb,
we ask that You send an angel to guard and protect them.

And may you comfort those who have been involved
in an abortion and are suffering,

We ask this in the name of Jesus Christ Your son, our Lord.